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Dairy Filtration & Waste Water Treatment Plant Price For Dairy and Milk Production Line

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Dairy Farming : Dairy farming is a type of agri-business involved in the production of milk from domestic animals. The plant which processes milk and produces milk products are called dairy plant or dairy. Animals which are used for milk production in the dairy farm are called dairy animals. Water used for dairy industry should meet the requirements of at least drinking water quality, so the factories need to treat the water. The water taken from the wells needs to be pre-treated because of iron and manganese concentration and due to specific requirements in various industrial processes.

Structured water can also help the sometimes difficult process of milking. It is not uncommon for a dairy animal’s udders to be rigid and therefore slow down the mechanic milking process. Using our method reduces the firmness of the udder and effectively makes it easier to milk. Dairy animals that drink structured water also show signs of enhanced disease resistance. structured water will allow you to drastically decrease the amount of bacteria in milk and can also be used for hygienic cleaning of buildings where animals live. Finally, installment of special magnetic structure systems on the main line, that supplies milk after milking the cows, will increase storage time of milk in containers two fold.

Farm Animal Breeding- Structured water also can be beneficially used in animal breeding. Due to the special biological properties instilled during magnetization of the water, an accumulation of protein, not fat, builds in animals' bodies. For example, consumption of structured water for drinking purposes by pigs and calves, using our method, results in the formation of less fat deposits and in high quality of meat.

Overall, any animal breeder or farmer can use SERUS filtration & water structured systems and devices and see a wide array of productiveness such as:

Increase milk production by approx. 10%
Increase fat content of milk by 0,13 - 0,15% (standard fat content of milk is 3,2%)
Increase of average weight gain in calves by up to 35%
Increase of average weigh gain in piglets by up to 48%
Increase of average weight gain in lamb by up to 12%
Increase of average weight gain in rabbits up to 10%
Improve taste qualities of meat
Decrease disease and death rates by approx. 2 times
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