The SERUS Company

SERUS is a Russian based manufacturing company headquartered in the capital of Moscow. Our company is a group of inventors, engineers and scientists that have been dedicating over 20 years into making unique products such as using nano silver particles for water filtration cartridges, cartridges that last 10 years, magnetic water structuring with amber and rhinestone and so on. With 43 total patents in new innoviative technologies we will always stay ahead and provide the best solutions for worldwide problems in all industries.

Our Goal

At SERUS we are dedicated to reseach and development into new technologies that will benefit our customers all fields such as in residential, commercial and industrial solutions. SERUS provides products that have science and logic behind them which are built to last and satisfy our customers. We believe that every customer is different and has different needs and wants and should have a customized solution to his problem. 

Our products

We believe that a customer should purchase a product use it and enjoy it for the long run, this is why SERUS uses only the best metals for manufacturing that last and are safer then plastic type products that are chemically produced, break, contaminate and so on. We use the finest metals for manufacturing along with nano silver, magnetics, amber and rhinestone that are scientifically known for thier advantages to humans, animals, plants and industrail solutions.


At SERUS we completely understand that most of our customers are firstly looking for knowledge to come to a conclusion on what is required to solve thier problem. Our duty is fully educate and provide our expertise suggestions to make the buying decision easy and understandable. We provide the consultation before buying decision and any technical support that is needed after receiving our products. At SERUS every person is different and has different questions and its very important for us to listen to them, it helps our company grow.


We ship worldwide and have experience in shipping to all continents of the World to over 50 countries. Shipping time depends on destination country and the type of shipping used such as expess mail by plane (for small orders) cargo shipping by Airline (for bigger orders) and shipping containers (for large orders). To find out the timeframe of shipping to your country you can contact us for the estimate, based on weight of order and destination country.

Warranty Policy 

For our filters we offer a 10 year warranty. 30 year warranty for magnetic water structurers about all other products please contact us for a brief explaination.

Return Policy 

Product can surely be returned within 30 days if not satisfied for any reason. How it works? the day you receive the package the 30 days starts counting if a product you feel that you would like to return within those 30 days send us a tracking number that you have put it in the mail. Simple

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